The Historic Brewery in Żywiec

The Żywiec Archducal Brewery is one of the most famous and successful producers of beer in Poland. The history of the plant began in the mid-nineteenth century, when the decision was taken by Archduke Albrecht Friedrich Habsburg, the then owner of Żywiec to build a brewery. Many of the original brewery buildings have been preserved to this day. They were designed by Karol Pietschka. The Żywiec Brewery Museum astounds with modern solutions, where we will learn the history of the plant and the process of beer production.

Tour Overview

Żywiec Brewery is one of the first and the most renowned in the whole country. It was established by in 1856 by Archduke Albrecht Fryderyk Habsburg. 150 years later, in its oldest, historic part, an interesting museum opened its gates. Żywiec Brewery Museum is the biggest and the most modern establishment of its kind in Poland. Its guests get to actively know the history and the present of Żywiec brewery. The museum is nothing like the typical exclusive expositions with guards and ladies keeping their eye on the exhibition rooms. It is a dynamic organism, constantly interacting with its guests. There are no mandatory slippers, but there are passionate stories, still operational contraptions from the tenths of years back and emotions related to the degustation of Żywiec beer. Here you not only listen and see, but you are allowed to touch almost everything.

Such visit can really absorb you!

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