Ogrodzieniec Castle

Ogrodzieniec castle – an iconic medieval structure which served its purpose well since the 14th century, as incorporated into the famous "Trail of Eagles' Nests" defensive line of the Polish Crown. Topping a beautifully-set hill in the middle of breathtaking Polish Jura Chain, popular with filmmakers and painters, Ogrodzieniec Castle attracts more and more visitors each year with its remains of once-soaring gates and towers.

Tour Overview

Leave Krakow for a while to be taken to an eerie world out of fantasy literature – the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland. Somewhere in the middle of uniquely shaped limestone rocks and valleys, there lie the ruins of Ogrodzieniec Castle. Between April and November, you may climb the hill and be told the story of life led inside the castle back in the Middle Ages, only to find out what made the structure lose its original shape.

Located in the village of Podzamcze, Ogrodzieniec Castle may be well seen from the distance, while travelling from Krakow in the north-western direction. It usually takes one hour to reach the place, with an expansive parking lot operating just at the foot of the hill. According to many, Ogrodzieniec Castle is one of the most impressive landmarks of this part of Europe to visit, despite being (apparently) ruined, or seemingly composed of remains and debris. This romantic place provides everyone with a bunch of facts, legends and beautiful views from behind its defensive walls of heavy bricks – definitely not to be missed while visiting Krakow!

Ogrodzieniec Castle is one of the foremost examples of medieval architecture as typically erected on the Polish soil. Built by the influential Sulimczyk family between the 14th and 15th centuries, Ogrodzieniec Castle would be a heavily fortified stronghold of the Gothic type for the three centuries to come, impressively well-blended with the favourable natural surroundings. Throughout the so-called Deluge (a name given to the greatest Polish-Swedish war of the era), the castle was subject to a terrible fire which resulted in its much worsened condition and, unfortunately, irreparable damage made to the residential part of it. Once a proud castle, located nearby the remaining and – usually – better-preserved defensive structures, now exemplifies what "the Trail of Eagles' Nests" was really meant to serve, with its high defensive walls built to survive outer invasions. In 1949, the long-withheld conservation works were carried out on site – nowadays, it is entirely safe to wander around Ogrodzieniec Castle, with brand-new stairs and platforms placed all around.

Upon visiting, it is easy to see why  Ogrodzieniec Castle was immortalised in a series of movies ("The Revenge" by R. Polanski or locally popular "Janosik" TV series by J. Passendorfer), music clips (e.g. "Live after Death" by Iron Maiden) or photographs. Its memorable panorama and atmosphere felt while sightseeing the place provide each visitor with the impression that the power once present there has not been lost yet. Visiting the inner yard, gate tower, former knight chambers, prison tower, treasury or armoury, enables everyone to hear of the legends concerning the castle and its original inhabitants. The Black Dog of Ogrodzieniec legend is the one you may be sure to be told – it is said to represent the soul of the Castellan of Krakow, Stanislaw Warszycki. Apparently, you may not witness its appearance during the daytime.

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Tour Details

  • The serpentine path leading to the top of Ogrodzieniec Hill is quite steep. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear.
  • The castle is available for a visit for the travellers of all ages.
  • Remember to dress appropriately before visiting Ogrodzieniec Castle - summers in Poland tend to be hot, while in autumn you may expect occassional rainy weather conditions.
  • It is possible to visit Ogrodzieniec Castle with the pick-up from any place in Poland. Inform us of the place of your stay to have the trip arranged.
  • The price included the transport (pick-up and drop-off) to the castle, the admission fee and a guided tour for individuals / small groups of visitors.

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