Kraków - city of polish kings

Krakow - the Polish TreasureCracow, is the top tourist destination of Poland. The city basks in glory of its long history and it greatly treasures its reputation of the culture capital of Poland. It is the second largest city and the country's ancient capital. Cracow is also a city of tradition where the past interlaces with the present, a city of myths, legends and dreams. City traditions are dominated by customs that date back to the 13th and 14th centuries, even though numerous stories and tales create the colour of this place. Cracow is not only a city of rich traditions and history; a city of a unique architecture and numerous museums, art galleries and theatres. –It is also a place where you can spend your free time actively. Benefiting from its geographical location, Cracow aims at becoming the meeting place of many cultures and nations, and successfully claims its position as a Central European metropolis, a city of culture, art and science.   ​

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